about us //

Byway Collective is an online art journal founded by Paul Hile, Tori Williams and Devin Brown

Paul Hile is editor-in-chief and resident bibliophile. Originally from southeast Michigan, Paul has lived & worked in New York City and Atlanta. He currently lives in Illinois with his wife. He drinks good coffee, takes long walks with his dog and writes stories.

Tori Williams is lead designer and artist in residence. Hailing from upstate New York, Tori studied Psychology and Industrial Design in west Michigan, where she currently lives. Tori drinks good coffee, drinks good bourbon, and eats tasty vegan food.

Devin Brown is web master and a pretty damn good photographer. Known for taking long vows of silence, Devin is an avid bike rider and a guru with coding. He brews an excellent cup of coffee and would almost always rather be camping. He lives in west Michigan.

our roots //

Created as a way to honor and recognize aspiring, hard-working artists, the Byway Collective strives to cultivate community and opportunity for artists through published conversation.

You'll find artists of all mediums featured at the Byway Collective. Some artists might just be starting out, while others may be close to signing with a record label or publishing a collection of stories. Each artist has their own unique aesthetic, their own unique story—and that’s what we’re interested in.

We're interested in what moves them. What stirs their creativity and passion. We want to know why and how they return to their work when there is no absolute promise of a career or success. We believe that the people you are introduced to through the Byway Collective are true artists, creating work not because it's been commissioned or paid for or expected, but because they have to. Because they need to. Because it's the first thing they think about when they wake up, the last thing they think about when they go to sleep, and the only thing they want to do in the hours between.

We hope you feel moved and inspired by these artists and their interviews. We hope you create more work because of what you've seen here. We hope you return often for motivation, but most importantly we hope you remember why art is so important and why it is important to support aspiring artists.

Welcome to Byway Collective